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Citizens Help Desk - By Citizens, For Citizens

Citizenshelpdesk.com is a free service that connects people with independent financial advisers who are authorized and regulated by the financial conduct authority and third party specialist companies. 

We facilitate free services with an aim to eradicate pension poverty and help people retire with dignity. We introduce people seeking advise to a number of third parties who offer financial advice. Citizenshelpdesk.com is unbiased and we do not advice or recommend on any products either regulated or non-regulated.    

Our role: If you would like some advice with your pensions or investments, we can introduce you to Independent Financial advisers and third party companies.. We act solely as an introducer to the providers and therefore we do not take responsibility for any changes imposed by the provider, their actions or future performance with regards to their contractual agreement with you. 

All information shared on this platform is in good faith and we can only assist you on the basis of the information you provide us with :)